Take a screen shot or screen grab on the iphone

Whilst writing my blog post on Opera Mini for the iPhone I realised that quite a few people have asked me how to take a screen grab of the screen on the iPhone. Well its quite simple…

Hold down the home button and quickly press the button at the top of the iPhone. The screen will flash and if your sound is on a ‘shutter’ noise will be heard and hey presto you will find your iPhone screen grab in the photos section.

This works with iPhone OS 2.0 and later I believe if I’m wrong please feel free to leave a comment :-)

Opera Mini for iPhone and Ipod Touch

Opera Mini was finally cleared by Apple yesterday and made it into the App Store overnight (Monday April 12th 2010). There has been allot of will they won’t they speculation surrounding Opera Mini on iPhone with Apple seemingly digging their heals in over recent months and for a while we all wondered if Opera Mini would be rejected from entering the App store. Read more

WordPress iPhone Application

I downloaded the WordPress iPhone app the other day after Robert Mills tweeted about it (@RobertMills on Twitter). I couldn’t wait to fire it up and start blogging away right from my iPhone. The first thing I had to do was to enable XML-RPC services on one of my wordpress blogs to enable the app tos peak to it which was no problem at all. Having done this I quickly connected to the one blog I was experimenting with (http://www.isthiscool.com) I could view edit and add new posts right away ah a snag…. IsThisCool uses custom fields to add a thumbnail to the post which is needed as this is an integral part of this blog so I was scuppered!

Still never mind knowing this was quite a complicated blog I wasn’t to bothered so I decided to connect to this blog instead easy I thought but no how wrong I was! I enabled XML-RPC and no mater what I try I either get a XML-RPC error on the iPhone app or I am told my username and password is wrong which having entered multiple times it isn’t! The only thing I can think of is that this blog is with another hosting provider, HostHi to be precise so perhaps they are not letting me through the firewall? Any help will be very much appreciated!

iPhone 3G Blank Screen Problem

I have been happily using my iPhone 3G for a number of months now quite happily, well despite its appalling SMS support but apart from that it has been great. My first real problem came the other day when for no apparent reason the phone appeared dead.

The screen was blank and no button worked at all, no matter what I pressed nothing happened the phone appeared to be dead. Out of desperation I tried ringing it to see if that would bring it to life but despite getting a ringing tone from the phone I was phoning from the iPhone itself appeared to be dead.

Panicking I went to google in search of the problem and tank goodness I found one. So here it is in bgger type so those that are panicking can see the solution straight away!

Hold down both the sleep/wake button and the home button for at least ten seconds until you see the apple icon appear. That’s it, panic over!

Why this happens  I have no idea but thank goodness I have found a solution!