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What Is Domain Authority? (DA)

The Domain Authority score isn’t new in the world of search engine optimisation, however the term domain authority and it’s significance is often misunderstood.

Here is a detailed guide about “domain authority” (including how to check your domains authority score!).

Domain Authority is one of the big factors that define how well your website will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) .

In the “old days”, websites were weighed based totally on its web page-rank. Now, domain and page authority play a huge function in the domain authority.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a metric which was created by Moz to rate the score, or rating of a website on a scale of 1 to 100 (a 100-point logarithmic scale). The better the domain authority of a website, the higher its rating in search engines like google and yahoo.

Domain Authority is a great competitive metric measure against other sites. If you compare your website’s Domain Authority score with your competitor’s site, the site with the higher Domain Authority score is likely to rank higher in search engine searches.

Domain Authority contains many metrics including number of links pointing to your website, the number of linking root domains – the number of other sites linking to your site.

Domain Authority measures the authority of the complete domain. Page Authority (PA) is the measure of an individual page rather than the whole domain.

How Do I Check The Authority Of My Domain?

There are a number of Domain Authority checkers online, which can be used to check your website’s Domain Authority. The best is the official Moz open site explorer, simply type in your domain name or sub-domain address and you can view your Domain Authority Score. If you are using the Chrome or Firefox you can use the MozBar extension to check the domain authority and page authority of any website.

Factors which affect Domain Authority

  • The websites that you link to:  Always link to high quality websites and never link to spam or illegal sites. So if you receive emails asking to “exchange links” do so with caution!
  • Domain registration information: Many people have commentated that your domain registration information could play a significant role in deciding the trust factor for your domain. So for example if you have 5 websites with similar domain registration info and a significant portion of those are seen as spammy websites, it might make it hard for you to earn trust for your one or two quality websites.
  • The Age Of Your Domain: This is huge, and you can’t do much about it! Try not to change your domain name often, stick with your original domain name.

How to improve Domain Authority

Improving your domain authority goes hand in hand with improving your Search Engine Rankings. consider Domain Authority as a way of calculating how well a website performs in a google search, the better the domain authority of your site, the more difficult it is for your competitors to outrank it.

Getting More High Quality Incoming Links To Your Website

So when you are working on link building for your website you should attempt to gain links from websites with a good domain authority. Take a look at my Blogger Outreach Service for gaining high quality natural incoming links.

Diversify your link profile

Instead of going out and getting lots of links from one or two sites I would focus on getting high quality links from a diverse source of sites.

Through active link building you should aim to get incoming links from a variety of sources. Needless to say, links should be relevant and should be of high-quality.

Days To Expiry Of Your Domain

Although this is only a small factor but renewing your domain long term is well worth it.

If your domain is set to expire in the next year or so, I would recommend that you renew it for the next 3-4 years. It does not cost much and it is well worth it in the long run.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the easiest SEO wins! Make sure every page on your website is linked to 2-3 others page on your site. One big win is every time you publish a new blog post or add a new page go back to some old blog posts and link to the new page / post. This can help give valuable link juice to your new page / post.

Be Sure To Remove Toxic Or Bad Links

Use Tools such as SEMrush to find toxic backlinks and use the Google Disavow tool (Google Search Console) to ignore any toxic links. I usually do this once a month for my clients.

Onsite SEO

Your website itself needs to be Search Engine Optimised. How easy can Google Or BING crawl your website? There are some basic things you can look at to improve on site SEO:

  • Noindex your archive pages, especially on WordPress sites. (Noindex your tags, categories, pagination and author archive pages)
  • Make sure you have submitted an XML Sitemap to the two major search engines, Google and Bing.
  • Make sure that all of your Meta titles and Meta descriptions  on each and every page are formatted correctly and contain your keywords.
  • Maintain proper heading hierarchy on your pages and blog posts.

Your Website should be quick to load

One of Google’s ranking factors is page load speed. This is one area where I find time and again that people are prepared to ignore. use sites like PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom Tools  to check the load time of your site.

If your site is not loading within 3 seconds, you should start working on speed optimisation of your site.

  • Use a reliable web host – I have worked with many client who are only want to pay peanuts for their web hosting and are paying the price for it. Paying £2.99 or around $3.50 a month for hosting will land you with a host that will put you on a server with hundreds of other sites. The highest I have seen is over 5,000 websites hosted on one server! Contact me for advice on hosting services.
  • Compress and optimise your images before uploading them.
  • If you are using WordPress use a caching plugin such as Super Cache, WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache.
  • Use a CDN to serve your content. You can use free CDN from Cloudflare

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