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What’s in a domain name? How to make the right choice for your business

When you’re setting up a new business, there’s so much to think about.

One of the key decisions will be the domain name you choose for your website.

Get it right, and it could be a driver for your SEO and your brand.

Get it wrong, and it could hold you back for years.

Here are our top 7 tips to help you get it right first time:

  1. Think brand, not generic keywords, numbers, and hyphens – Generics like this are harder to remember than a name which sounds like a brand. If you go down the generic route, you could well see a downward pressure on your SEO and getting awareness of your brand will become a tough battle. Pick a memorable name instead. What does your business stand for? What are its values? What sort of name will reflect that?
  2. Keep it short – Shorter names are easier to remember and they aren’t shortened so much on social media on in search engine results. There’s often a weighing up of benefits, though – shorter may not be better if shortening it makes your brand lose its identity. Avoid strings of initials, for example.
  3. It must be easy to say – Avoid names where there could be confusion on spelling if you don’t pronounce it properly. That could be meat and drink for your competitors. Do you want to be spelling it out every day for the next few years?
  4. Choose .com and where you can – They are still the most trusted top level domains for businesses. Others include .biz, .net, and .wales. Some potential clients will be looking to see where you are in the world, and will make purchasing decisions based on that. A is by far the better choice for UK based business.  Not only does this help with those customers based in the UK but you will user perform better in UK based Google searches especially if you website is hosted in the UK as well. If you can buy up both, do that to avoid your competitors horning in on your business.
  5. Make it different to existing domains or trademarks – Avoid potential legal issues where you can and consult a trademark lawyer to get the best advice. You don’t want to have to face a costly law suit in the future. If your customers are confusing you with another brand, that’s a problem too. What if that brand’s values are opposite to your own? What if their customer service is poor?
  6. Think laterally – If your preferred domain is taken, what about using ‘the’ ahead of it? A dentist could also use ‘smilesat…’ ahead of a domain, a flooring company could use ‘carpetsat…’ ahead of its favourite domain. You could also use ‘shopat….’.
  7. Checkout useful sites – Some check whether domains are taken while others sell useful domain names. Try,,, or

If you’re looking for advice on the best domain name for your business, get in touch! We have experience in advising a wide range of businesses on their domains, websites, and digital marketing. You can contact us here:

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