SEO for Restauranteurs, Bar and Pub Owners and Café owners

SEO for Restauranteurs, Bar and Pub Owners and Café owners

Are you a caterer, food producer, restauranteur, bar, pub or café owner, food retailer, or cookery school owner looking to lure in more customers?

Improving your SEO and improving your search engine ranking are excellent ways of boosting your customer numbers.

Here are 3 key ingredients to help you do that:

Look at your keywords

Are the keywords you’re using on your website right for you? Do they give you a great mix of high-volume and good quality traffic? Are they specific enough to your food business?

Look at the way people search and consider search phrases – long-tail keywords. In the age of Siri and Cortana, they’re more important than ever.

Use visuals

One of the key ways of improving your SEO is to post regularly on social media.

When it comes to food companies, visuals are key. When you create a dish for a customer, you want it to look as wonderful as it tastes. The experience starts with how your food looks.

Think in the same way for your SEO.

Think videos, graphics, and still images.

There are a number of social media platforms which are great for sharing images. The two which immediately spring to mind are Pinterest and Instagram.

In 2015, Pinterest doubled the numbers of its users in the UK. It’s estimated there are 10.4 million active users every month in this country.

It’s the social media platform with the most longevity. While half of the Twitter users who see a tweet will have done so within 10 minutes, the so-called ‘half-life’ of a Pinterest post is three months.

It’s a great place for foodies. Among the top 10 searches in 2015 were ‘pork pie’, ‘toad in the hole’, ‘meat-free Mondays’, and ‘Lancashire hot-pot’.

It’s the natural place to seek out recipes and pin them on a board to keep them.

Top tip: post vertical images – they do far better than landscape pictures.

Instagram had 14 million active monthly users in the UK in July 2015. It’s a great place to fish for young customers – 39% of its UK users are aged between 16 and 24.

Both Instagram and Pinterest have more women users than men – useful to know when you’re creating content.

Top tip: use hashtags to widen the appeal of your posts.

However, don’t forget the daddy of all social media platforms, Facebook. Its reach is vast – it has 30 million users in the UK alone – and it has the largest number of users from all age groups.

Don’t forget to share video and Facebook’s live video streaming which is taking audience share away from YouTube.

Top tip: galleries of images do exceptionally well in terms of likes and shares – up to 12 times better than single images.

Twitter has more than 12 million UK users and is a fast way of getting news out there.

Tweets with images and a link to your site get far more engagement than those without – and those with video get even more. Twitter’s app Periscope also allows live video streaming of events of recipes.

Gifs are a great way of getting some fun into your social media presence, too – there are a number of good Gif-maker apps.

Top tip: Don’t forget hashtags – piggy back on relevant tags or create your own.

Vimeo also provides a great platform to share HD videos – many of which are in its food channel. Explainer recipe videos are very popular and many have a high production value.

Top tip: Use music, overlaid text and graphics to spice up your content.

Cultivate industry backlinks

Google loves relevant and good quality backlinks.

Cultivate food bloggers, offer produce or meals for reviews, and send information to the going out pages of local media websites. Ask them to include links to your website.

Encourage customers to review you. There are a number of independent websites like Trustpilot and Trip Adviser which collect reviews of businesses.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews with links back to your website. Encourage them to leave reviews with links on Google, too. They will appear when anyone is searching for your business.

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