Boost your SEO – Become a thought leader.

Boost your SEO – Become a thought leader. We’re all looking for something which gives us an edge over our competitors.

For professionals like solicitors, dentists, opticians, chiropractors, creatives, consultants, business coaches and HR practitioners, regular expert blogging sets you apart from others in your field.

It allows you to become a thought leader.

Thought leaders are respected, popular, and enhance their brands.

They become the ‘go to’ people in their industries.

They can also use this position to drive people to their websites and boost their SEO.

So why should you become a thought leader?

  1. Visibility – Being a thought leader means you become highly visible to potential clients. It gives you an advantage over others in your field who are not positioning themselves in the same way. These days, the internet means people have a world of choice when it comes to the professionals they choose. You need to establish your unique selling point – and now that’s often your personality, relationships with customers, and visibility.
  2. Respect – Increasing your customers’ respect for you allows you to travel further along the ‘know, like, trust’ line. It’s a key part of establishing trust. Your potential customers will ask themselves two key questions: “Can this person do what they say they can do?” and “Can I trust them?” Being a thought leader allows you to highlight your skills, up-to-date knowledge, and contacts.
  3. Reciprocity – If you write helpful blogs which answer your clients’ pain points, they will remember that. They will develop the feeling that they should also help someone who has helped them. What goes around, comes around. A feeling of reciprocity increases the likelihood they will engage your services in the future.
  4. SEO – Once you’ve become a thought leader and established a pool of interested readers, you have a captive audience for your new posts. That increases the number of people who visit your website and your blog, and the number who link to it. In turn, that boosts your SEO and helps your page ranking. Then, people find you more easily via web searches. Well done! You’re in a virtuous circle.

How can you do it?

Establish your personal brand

What are your values? How does what you offer differ from other professionals in your industry? What sort of clients do you want to attract?

Once you are clear about the answers to these questions, you can start re-positioning yourself.

Restructure all of your social media profiles to stress your qualifications and experience, and write them with your ideal clients in mind.  How do you answer their problems?

LinkedIn is a perfect platform to start your transformation.

Establish your blog

There’s a simple rule in writing: show, don’t tell. We can all tell clients how great we are, it’s far better to show them.

Write regular posts which achieve this – use case studies and testimonials which show how you’ve given excellent service. Get other people to tell potential clients about your skills and strengths.

If you can, write once a week, and build up a portfolio of 30 posts.

Share them widely on social media – share them more than once on all of your platforms.

Engage with industry influencers

Take part in group discussions on LinkedIn, for example, comment intelligently on their articles, share their social media posts. Hopefully, that feeling of reciprocity will soon kick in and they’ll start doing the same for you.

Get published and drive change

Start writing guest posts for well-respected blogs or publications in your sector. That could be for trade blogs, trade publications, or media outlets.

Be seen to be discussing cutting-edge ideas and new trends.

There’s an important rule throughout the process: be consistent. If you start off blogging four times a month, stick to that. If you post on social media three times a day, don’t skip days.

Be aware that this isn’t a quick fix. It’s a process which will take months – but the results will be worth the effort.

We’re expert in boosting SEO for solicitors, dentists, opticians, and business coaches. Ask us for our advice on your digital marketing. Call 02921 286870 or contact us today.

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