SEO Success: Get the backlinks gold medal in the SEO Olympics

SEO Success: Captivated by the Rio Olympics? Loving those British medals?

It’s time your business went for gold for its SEO – beating the competition with your search engine results and driving more customers to your website.

High quality backlinks – links from other sites on the web to your website – are key to getting to the top of the list and achieving success.

Here are our 5 key steps to clinching that backlinks gold medal:

1.     Backlinks should be earned not bought.

Buying backlinks is a false economy. Often, they come from sources Google would deem untrustworthy. Many are hosted on backlink ‘farms’, sites which Google has decided should be penalised in terms of page ranking.

If they link to you, they spread their contagion to you.

If you have links from those kinds of sources, get them to remove the link or disavow them using Google’s Webmaster tools.

Break those dodgy links! You don’t need that kind of link juice.

2.     Backlinks from official websites are gold-dust for your SEO.

If you can get a link from an official site with a ‘gov’ in its domain, that will help boost your page ranking and your SEO. Google has great respect for those sorts of official sites. Similarly, sites run by other public bodies are excellent backlinks for you.

How do you get them? Do they run directories or events pages? Ask to be included and insure your listing has a link to your site. Do they publish the latest news in their field? Write them an article which contains your link and ask them to include it. This is a better method than linking to your site in blog comments, for example.

3.     Link to your site from testimonials.

Google loves links which are relevant to your field. So give testimonials to companies in your industry (but not your competitors, obviously!). The best testimonials are from real people, so say who you are and link to your website About Us page to prove who you are, and most companies will be happy to keep those links in their testimonials.

4.     Get blogger reviews.

If you have a product which can be reviewed by bloggers relevant to your sector, this is an excellent method of getting backlinks. Send them the product for review on the basis they’ll add the link to your site.

Any positive reviews also help to increase your product’s value to customers. It’s win-win!

5.     Turn mentions into backlinks.

Look for mentions of your company which don’t link to you at the moment and politely ask whether the site would include a link. Many will say yes.

You could use Buzzsumo or to see what people are saying about your company.

Now, you’re ready for the SEO Olympics!

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