Don’t get busted for the top 7 SEO crimes

Call the SEO police! Some people are committing search marketing crimes which are holding back the rankings of their websites.

Here are our top seven SEO offences – make sure you don’t fall foul of them:

  1. Stale content.

Google and other search engines love fresh content – and so do your followers on social media. Simple re-sharing the same content over and over again won’t help your SEO at all. In fact, not creating good, fresh content for your blog or website will see your website fall in search rankings. If you want to be on the front page of Google, good quality, regular, fresh content is a must to help drive traffic to your website. Don’t be tempted to ‘lift’ content from other sources – Google hates that. Its algorithms pick that up quickly. Use a tool like Copyscape to ensure your content is between 80% and 100% original.

  1. Stuffing keywords.

We’ve all seen websites and blogs which were just lists of dentists in Wales, dentists in South Wales, dentists in Cardiff, and dentists in Roath. It’s a real turn-off for readers. Thankfully, most people have now cottoned onto the fact this sort of content is penalised by search engines. They’re looking for good quality content, and keyword stuffing smacks of low-quality, filler content. Your blogs and website content should flow organically and make page viewers convert to customers.

  1. Ignoring mobile.

The tipping point for mobile internet use came last year – now, more people access the web from mobile devices than from laptops or desktop computers. You now ignore it at your peril. You need a mobile-friendly website, either a separate site or a responsive site which is easily accessible from both mobile and desktop devices. If you don’t, you’ll turn off a large number of potential visitors to your site – who are, of course, potential customers.

  1. Trying to monetise your site too early.

They call it the sales ‘funnel’ for a reason. It should have a wide top and gradually draw your prospects into their decision-making process when it comes to making a purchase. Pitch your sale too near the top of that funnel, and you’ll lose people. For example, putting out tweets or Facebook posts which simply say ‘buy my stuff’ will turn people off. Putting out social media posts which are helpful, and which direct people to your website, get them to move to the next stage of your sales funnel without turning them off.

  1. Buying backlinks.

This is a minefield. Search engines tend to frown on bought links – links from other websites into your own site. They particularly frown on ‘link farms’, websites set up specifically to include links purchased by other people. Those farms often earn those who buy links on them penalties – hitting the SEO the links were bought to help improve. Instead, search engines want people to develop links organically and the crawlers look for good quality sites referring to your website. A link from a government, professional body, or trade association website is an excellent backlink for you.

  1. Failing to disavow dodgy links.

Google has decided that some websites are too ‘spammy’ for its algorithms and will penalise links from them to your website. Generally, those sites are ‘link farms’ or something similar. Once you have a link on such a site, even if you haven’t bought it, your SEO will start to be affected. You could ask that site to take down the link. If they refuse or ignore your request, what you have to do is go through the search engine’s process to ‘disavow’ the link. See Google’s tools for webmasters here for how to do it:

Once you notify Google you’re doing so, that should stop your SEO being hit by the link. It’s worth keeping a note of all of the backlinks into your site. You can use a backlink checker tool like


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Back to school: Are you ready with your digital advertising campaigns?

We have all seen the advertising soon after the school holidays have started. “Back to School”, we see it everywhere but how can you drive this huge surge in business your way?

If you sell stationery or school uniforms now is the time to start thinking about your online advertising strategy.

  • Did you know that there are 7 times more searches for “back to school” in August compared the annual average.
  • There are 3 times more searches for “school uniform” in late July compared to the annual average.
  • There is 33% rise in “stationary” searches in Mid-August
  • 2 times as many people search for backpacks on Google in August than at other times of the year.

At this time of year searches for all sorts of school supplies soar during the season. If you run a stationary business or supply school uniforms make sure that you are ahead of the game when people are searching for your products or services.

If you are not taking advantage of this online advertising base then your competitors will be.

If your business supplies school uniforms and other school stationary either in your local area or nationally then please get in touch We are more than happy to help you to target the customers that are looking for your product.

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Why Facebook Advertising Works For Florists

If you are a florist who is not utilising Facebook advertising to serve adverts for special occasions then you may be missing out to your competitors.

Imagine being able to be the first florist to offer wedding flowers to a newly engaged couple? Or even advertise to people who have expressed an interest in mother’s day flowers.

Imagine being able to target men within a few miles of your shop who have a wedding anniversary coming up in the next month?

With Facebook advertising, this is possible even on a small budget.

Your advert should be highly relevant to the target audience. For example, if you’re targeting newly engaged women then your advert copy and advert imagery should all relate to their special day.

You are already ahead of the competition if your potential customers see your advert. If your advert then has an emotional angle (such a photo of a happy bride with her flowers) then you have made that emotional connection.

You have many different ways of approaching an advertising campaign with Facebook but the campaign will typically fall into three categories:

Interaction: Your advert is served in the users timeline. They can interact with it and follow the links to your website or Facebook page to boost your sales.

Reach: Expand your reach to new customers who can interact with your advert by commenting and liking the post

Followers: You will also gain new followers and likes given your adverts will have an emotional connection. This content may well be shared thus increasing your adverts reach further.

Example Facebook Advertising Campaign for Florists

In this example we will target people who have just become engaged between the ages of 24 and 50 who live within a 40km (25 miles) radius of Oxford:

Facebook Advertising For Florists People Engaged

Facebook Advertising For Florists People Engaged Reach

We can see that the advert will potentially reach 4,500 people in total. This level of targeted advertising is simply not possible with traditional methods. It should also be noted that we can push this advert to Instagram as well if we want to further enhance the potential reach of our campaign.

Of course, we could further narrow this reach down by only targeting women who have become engaged.

The Facebook Advert For Weddings.

Now we move on to our creative, or the actual advert. We want to evoke an emotional response here to entice the click through to your website or Facebook page.

Facebook Advertising For Florists People Engaged Advert

You can see in the example advert the image will draw the users attention to the sponsored post in the users timeline and the advert copy has been written in a way to trigger an emotional response. We also have a call to action in the contact us button, whilst the free advice is the unique selling point that will hopefully lead to a sale.

If you are still using old methods to advertise such as weddings fairs then your competition could be stealing a march on you. Of course the traditional methods of advertising still have a place but why not get ahead of your local competition?

Forte Web Solutions can set up and manage your Facebook advertising campaigns. We have years of experience in targeting the right audience for your business so why not contact us for a free consultation and let us help you to drive your florist business forward.