Integrating Facebook and Email Marketing

You should always be using multiple channels to get your marketing messages across and two channels in particular work really well together: Email campaigns and Facebook.

The vast majority of companies use email marketing in some form or another and for good reason. Most business is repeat business and with many companies having thousands of email addresses on their subscriber lists this is a potential gold mine.

Step forward Facebook’s custom audiences which I have written about before.

Facebook Advertising Vs Email Marketing

Of course, as I mentioned Email marketing is a great way to win repeat business but there are many hurdles to overcome to keep your Email click-through rates up.

First of all, we have over aggressive SPAM filters and then we have features built into the most popular email services that potentially ‘hide’ your emails from view such as Gmail’s Promotions tab and the Clutter folder in Microsofts email offering.

On top of this we have services such as and SaneBox which allows people to filter out any messages that they feel are not important to them.

Looking at Facebook, the stats are certainly impressive. Facebook’s announced that their user base has reached 1.5 billion –

Whilst here in the UK, according to the independent, 30% of the UK’s 33 million Facebook users are on the network for at least an hour a day, with 13% spending, at least, two hours on Facebook each day.

With these impressive numbers and a large email subscriber list at your disposal you can use Facebook Custom Audiences to target many of these users.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Create a custom audience

You can upload your email lists or other customer contact information such as data from your CRM system to create a custom audience. These can be email addresses, phone numbers and Facebook user ID’s.

This data is then matched to Facebook account holders allowing you to target your adverts at them. There is no need to worry about the security of this information as the data is encrypted before it is sent to Facebook.

Not all of your customers will be on Facebook of course but having run many campaigns the match rate is around the 50% mark. This puts you ahead of the game if the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your email campaign is averaging around 2-3%

This is where Facebook’s custom audience feature really comes into its own. From this list we can further refine our list based on:

• Location
• Gender
• Age
• Demographics
• Language
• Interests

So let’s say we are a company selling baby products from our list of 4,000 matched contacts we can whittle this down to 500 by choosing:

• Location: London
• Gender: Females
• Age: 20 – 42
• Demographics: New Parents
• Language: English
• Interests: Motherhood

You can now see that this is highly targeted and you can get the targeted message to those people who are most interested.
Targeting like this doesn’t cost huge amounts of money either and added to this you can keep these campaigns running without worrying about unsubscribes from your email lists.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should stop running your email campaigns. Reaching your potential customers through multiple channels should always be part of your marketing strategy.

If you are looking at running a Facebook campaign alongside your traditional email campaign then please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you get the most out of Facebook Ads.