3 Facebook targeting options you should be aware of

Facebook’s advertising platform continues to evolve and is adding more advanced targeting options all the time. Here are 3 great targeting options that will help you get more out of your Facebook adverts.

#1 Targeting using demographic data


At this moment in time, Facebook’s demographic targeting offers 10 categories. Under each category you can delve further down into sub categories amounting to well over 100 segmented demographic targeting options.

For example if you are a florist you could target wedding flower adverts to potential customers who have recently become engaged. Or if you are a financial advisor you could target company directors with an income of over £100K a year.

You should take advantage Facebook’s demographic targeting. The more granular you are then the closer your advert will be to your audience’s needs and your campaigns will be more successful.

#2 Lower your costs by using Interests

Facebook offers a huge range of interests that you can target to bring the cost of your adverts down.

This is where knowing your audiences’ interests, hobbies and activities can really help you drive down your advertising costs and Return on Investment (ROI). By closely aligning your advertising to the interests of your audience you can significantly increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

As an example of precisely targeting by interests, we can look at how a beauty salon or a hairdressing business could lower costs. We can see from the screen shots below that we can target those people who are interested in pages related to beauty. Once we have selected this option we can then further drill down to target those people interested in hair care and hairstyle. In this example we can see that our highly targeted adverts will only be shown to those people directly interested in your product. This will help to drive down costs as the adverts will only be shown to those people interested in hair and beaut and your Click Through Rate will increase with such a highly targeted Advert.


We can target people who are interested in beauty related pages.









#3 Use Behavioural targeting to increase your conversions

You can use Facebook’s vast behavioral targeting options to really drive conversion from your adverts. The behavior choices that Facebook provides are incredibly varied and each category is further segmented.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.20.09

We can see from the image above some of the behavior targeting available. Each one of these categories contains a goldmine of targeting options. For example under the financial category we will see options such as ‘Investment Activity’, or ‘Likelihood of a pension’ so as a financial advisor you could target people close to retirement age with low investment activity and with no pension. So conversion rates from an advert advertising pension and retirement advice could be quite high.

In Conclusion 

By using Facebook’s targeting options carefully you can really drive down the cost of your Facebook advertising and additionally increase your conversion rates. Make sure that each advert set is highly geared towards your target market by using a mix of demographics, interests and behavioural targeting.

If you need any advice when it comes to advertising on Facebook or digital marketing in general, please contact us.