Business Network International (BNI)

Back in January when Sarah left Forte Web Solutions for a new life in New Zealand I decided to take the plunge and join some business groups. After much research I chose BNI Heads of the Valleys in Merthyr, it seemed a fantastic opportunity and I was made to feel very welcome from the start. Since then Forte Web Solutions has certainly grown not only due to the referrals that my fellow members kindly keep on sending my way but the fantastic advice I have been given from the professionals within the group.

I have also referred business on and without question the standard of work has been fantastic. If you would like to come along as a guest then please drop me an email or give me a ring on 02921 286 870. We meet on Friday morning in Merthyr and we get a very good breakfast as a bonus! It has certainly worked for me and hopefully it will help to push your business on as well.

A professional who can help you!

The members of the group cover a wide range of industries so if you are looking for professional services or reliable tradespeople then I can certainly vouch for the quality of work. If you need any of the following services then please drop me an email or give me a ring on 02921 286 870 and I can introduce you to them:

Name Business
Lee Rossiter Rossiters Financial (Financial Advisor)
Ian Mitchell Mitchell & Meredith (Accountancy & Business Strategy)
Iwan Hancock dynIT (Computer Repair, Home Networking)
Craig Pearce CP Creative (Design Agency)
Gareth Channon GCFC Ltd (Financial Advisor)
Stephen Cowley Safework Solutions Ltd (Health & Safety)
Stephen Matthews MasterFoil Printers (Printer)
Lee Gardner Severn Bay Corporate Solutions (Corporate Insurance)
Robert Dicks Forte Web Solutions (Web Design and Digital Marketing)
Derek Thomas Utility Warehouse (Utility Provider)
David Weathersby Weathersby Estates (Estate Agent)
Phill Godfrey Phill Godfrey Painters (Painting and Decorating Services)
Ffion Kelly Gwyn George Partnership (Solicitor)
Matthew Slater Red Builders (Builder)
Kerys Williams Personal Travel Agent (Travel Agent)
Sam Veillett Calibre Connections (Corporate IT Support)

Please drop me a line if you need to contact any of my fellow members above.

Targeting new customers with Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising

Digital Marketing has created a fantastic opportunity for businesses small and large; for a small investment it’s possible to target customers using an incredible level of detail.

There are two main online channels: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, primarily through the Google and BING search engines and social adverts on Facebook and Twitter.

[quote Text=”If you can determine online advertising’s working, there’s an almost infinite potential to scale-up.”]

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a cost effective way to deliver adverts to the very people who are looking for your product. Facebook advertising gives you great control over the level of targeting, this may include their interests; languages spoken, facebook_adseducation level and exact location. Using this level of detail you can really hone in on your target market giving you the opportunity to deliver highly relevant adverts.

Custom Audiences

Facebook’s custom audiences are a real hidden gem. There are many custom audience features available but perhaps the two most powerful is re-targeting and email lists;

Facebook Re-Targeting

Facebook gives you the ability to advertise directly to people who have been on your website. However we can get more granular than this, we can run targeted adverts to people who have visited a product or service page but have not purchased any products. Imagine being able to target the people who have visited your product page with adverts for the very product that they are looking for.

Whether you choose to start with targeted PPC or social ads the level of impact can be incredible. Online advertising offers incredibly accurate and detailed ways to track and justify marketing spend.

Email Lists

A great feature of Facebook is the ability to upload email lists which are then matched against Facebook accounts. You can then advertise directly on people’s Facebook timeline. This is a great way to gain new customers, after all if people have signed up to your newsletters they are already interested in your product. Also this is a great way to up-sell your products / services, if you upload a current customer list then you can advertise your latest product to them.

[doublepromo title=”Case Study 1″ Text=”A current client wanted to promote their Cardiff based florist business. We ran two campaigns, the first of which targeted women within 50 miles of Cardiff who had an upcoming life event. These events included ‘getting married’, ‘birthdays’ and upcoming anniversaries.  For a spend of £150 the campaign generated over 200 website visits and led to 20 new customers which was an excellent return on investment.” last=”true”]

[doublepromo title=”Case Study 2″ Text=”The second campaign targeted potential customers who had visited the wedding flower section of the website. The Facebook timeline advert offered a special discount if people booked their wedding flowers within a certain time period. The campaign again cost £150, generated 130 website clicks and 10 new customers which, like the first campaign was an excellent return on investment.” last=”true”]

Google AdWords and BING

GoogleAdWordsLogoYou can advertise with Google using a number of methods. The most common method is by bidding on keywords so your advert is displayed in the search results that are returned, this method can also used using the BING search engine. This is more commonly referred to Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). The other common method, like Facebook is by using Remarketing, however in this case we can display banner adverts across a variety of sites to those people who have visited pages on your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC allows you to target potential customers who are searching for services or products related to your offering, with adverts appearing on Google’s search results page and the BING search engine if you choose to use the BING platform. PPC advertising can be highly targeted allowing you to present your product to potential customers at the very point they are searching.


As with Facebook we can target potential customers who have visited your website or certain product pages. This is an excellent method to target the very people who have already been onto your website to research your product or service.

[doublepromo title=”Case Study” Text=”We run a hugely successful PPC campaign for a client who wanted us to help drive sales for a particular service that they offered. We thoroughly researched the type of keywords potential customers were using and optimised the landing page to reflect this. The product we were promoting was a high value niche product so the focus was on conversion once the customer clicked on the advert. For a spend of £500 we had over 150 clicks to the website and secured 6 new customers. Given the high value of the product this was a very significant return on investment.” last=”true”]

Free Digital Marketing Consultation

Of course we have just touched the surface of what can be achieved using these advertising platforms. For a free consultation  Contact us to see if we can help drive your business forward.