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Google has decided to retire Google Reader in July 2013

Last week (Wednesday, March 13, 2013) Google announced via its official blog that it was retiring its RSS aggregator Google Reader in its annual ‘spring clean’ on July 1st, 2013. I hadn’t been a regular user of Google Reader, I had added a few blog feeds a while ago but I never had any use for it.

However I decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago and I got myself an iPad and overnight I found myself reading many more forums and blog posts. Rather than adding so many of my most read websites to my Chrome bookmarks I suddenly remembered Google Reader. Looking around for RSS readers for the iPad I came across River of News, A Google Reader iPad app. It was perfect for me I added a few more RSS feeds and was suddenly reading so much more than I ever was before.

So its such a shame that Google is retiring Google reader and although I found River of News incredibly easy to use I set about finding an alternative that would allow me to export my RSS feeds.

Without going into detail I came across Feedly which allowed me to import all my feeds from Google Reader. It has a Flipboard style interface and like River of News allows you to put feeds into categories making them quickly accessible. Feedly is also available for Android which is a plus as I do prefer the Android OS over iOS but that is a blog post for another day!

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