Take a screen shot or screen grab on the iphone

Whilst writing my blog post on Opera Mini for the iPhone I realised that quite a few people have asked me how to take a screen grab of the screen on the iPhone. Well its quite simple…

Hold down the home button and quickly press the button at the top of the iPhone. The screen will flash and if your sound is on a ‘shutter’ noise will be heard and hey presto you will find your iPhone screen grab in the photos section.

This works with iPhone OS 2.0 and later I believe if I’m wrong please feel free to leave a comment :-)

Opera Mini for iPhone and Ipod Touch

Opera Mini was finally cleared by Apple yesterday and made it into the App Store overnight (Monday April 12th 2010). There has been allot of will they won’t they speculation surrounding Opera Mini on iPhone with Apple seemingly digging their heals in over recent months and for a while we all wondered if Opera Mini would be rejected from entering the App store. Read more