Search Engine Optimisation – Link Building

Search Engine Optimisation is all about basics your website should be usable and easily navigable from the onset. However the usability of your website is for another day and another SEO tutorial.

Lets talk link building something that will help your website gain more popularity amongst the search engines. You need to aquire good quality inbound links to your site such as:

  • Links on a site directory but remember the site directory must be closly linked to your site content.
  • Inbound links should not just land on your homepage but should go to relevant content pages within your site. BUT REMEMBER…
  • The inbound link text should include keywords to your landing page.
  • Your links should really been in the main body copy of the text (search engines love this) and not somewhere on there own.
  • Not all inbound links are good. Spammy link farms with a bad reputation can really hurt your rankings and having your site listed with them could do you more harm than good.

It may well be worth paying for links from highly regarded directories and probably the most important advice is all is have compelling content on your website. You really want people to link to in the first place and with great content comes the potential of links within the social networking world which will do your SEO credentials the world of good.

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