iPhone 3G Blank Screen Problem

I have been happily using my iPhone 3G for a number of months now quite happily, well despite its appalling SMS support but apart from that it has been great. My first real problem came the other day when for no apparent reason the phone appeared dead.

The screen was blank and no button worked at all, no matter what I pressed nothing happened the phone appeared to be dead. Out of desperation I tried ringing it to see if that would bring it to life but despite getting a ringing tone from the phone I was phoning from the iPhone itself appeared to be dead.

Panicking I went to google in search of the problem and tank goodness I found one. So here it is in bgger type so those that are panicking can see the solution straight away!

Hold down both the sleep/wake button and the home button for at least ten seconds until you see the apple icon appear. That’s it, panic over!

Why this happens  I have no idea but thank goodness I have found a solution!