Deleting E-Mail Accounts Outside of Outlook

I made a vital error when running outlook 2007 for the first time the other day. I tried to connect to the exchange server in work using the first run wizard.

Unfortunately for me the wizard did not ask for all the details needed to connect to the server and I got a warning saying that ‘Outlook could not connect to the exchange server’. When I next started outlook I got the same message so I clicked ok only to be confronted with a message saying that the data file cannot be used offline and outlook shut down.

So for a few agonising moments I thought that’s it, I can no longer use Outlook as I cannot start it to delete the exchange account! I then remembered (after walking away from the computer I was fuming at for five minutes) that you can delete email accounts by going to the Control Panel and mail.

Thank goodness I was able to delete the account and start again. Although I still cannot connect to out exchange server in work as Outlook 2007 for some reason doesn’t give me all the connection options that Outlook 2003 did!

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