Got a Mac? – Get Anti-Virus Software!

The Register reported yesterday on Apple’s advice that Mac users should use Anti-Virus software, well more than one peice of Anti-Virus software if Apples advice is to be followed. Well I agree, to a certain extent anyway, using two products may be a bit excessive especially as it will hit your system’s performance but I certainly think that using anti-virus software is a must.

Now contuary to what I wrote about Macs back in 2007 I do like using OS X and yes my XP laptop is looking a bit old in the tooth now and I hope to one day have enough cash to but a mac book pro (although I will use VMware or Pararells to run XP as well as OS x). I would never though run it without anti-virus software on it, what a stupid thing to do! Most Mac users that I know still think they are immune to malware and viruses, well you are not!

My mac in work has symantec anti-virus installed on it and out of curiosity I decided to take a look at the viruses that effected the mac, fair enough hardly any but I still come accross the MacOS.MW2004.Trojan and Mac.Simpsons@mm so even with these as very low risk viruses why would you want to be without anti-virus software? It escapes me!

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