Pay Per Click and Google AdWords Management


Pay-per-click advertising, also referred to as keyword advertising, is a model whereby advertisers pay for each advert that’s clicked, usually via platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing.

Pay-per-click advertising will only be successful if you’re bidding on the right keywords and, if done correctly can be extremely beneficial; but in order to succeed, you need the specialist knowledge of which keywords will bring you the best results.


Pay-per-click advertising such as using Google AdWords and Bing are amongst the largest types of advertising in the UK.

Why advertise on Google, Bing or other Search Engines?

What sets Pay-per-click Advertising such as Google AdWords apart from other kinds of advertising?

  • You can reach people at the very best time – at the exact moment that they’re searching for what you offer.
  • Conversion rates can be high as the searcher is actively searching for a product or service, so they are often in the advanced stages of making a decision to purchase.
  • You can choose your budget and up or downscale your campaign to suit your advertising budget.

We can improve your Google AdWords or other PPC Advertising Campaigns

We are experienced Pay-per-click marketers with years of experience of running large campaigns behind us. Our ongoing monthly campaign management concentrates on the key areas of a PPC campaign:

  • Lowering your cost per click
  • Lowering your cost per conversion
  • Improving the quality score of all keywords in your campaign
  • Improving your click-through rate (CTR)

“I am getting better value for money and more return on investment, with close monitoring and a flexible approach thanks Forte Web Solutions.  Forte researched all the key words and phrases related to my “product” and carefully selected the most appropriate, not just relying on a single key phrase like the previous providers. We have, over recent weeks agreed to change the times when we pay per click.  This has allowed me to budget accordingly, knowing that the visits to my website are being closely monitored by Forte to enable immediate changes to the Adwords campaign, as necessary. I am now spending money regularly on Google Adwords.”

David Horsefield
I am getting better value for money and more return on my investment

Free campaign appraisal

If you already have a ongoing PPC campaign and aren’t seeing the results that you’d like, then contact us today for a free campaign appraisal.

We will audit your account and give you some tips on how to improve your campaign.